Den Food Bosch is a 1ha experimental food forest in Sint-Michielsgestel. It consists of a few thousand trees, shrubs and herbs, mimicking a natural forest ecosystem. This agro ecological perennial farming system can produce a wide range of fresh, healthy and nutritious food. We grow this food without any chemicals, artificial fertilizer or heavy machines.

This diverse farming system increasingly offers a variety of healthy and delicious food. Each year products will be available in ever-increasing quantities. Specialties are selectively offered to restaurants and food will be used during workshops and tours.

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At Den Food Bosch we are fund of practical and hands on research. The whole system is build up in order to allow endless observations and insights for those who manage. These valuable findings can be shared and implemented in further systems. Research is also conducted in cooperation with our partner institutes.

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We invite you warmly to come and visit us and feel the vibe. Until then enjoy our images selection.

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It takes time, effort and money to change things over in this world. The Den Food Bosch foundation is grateful for all support and will use it to actively achieve the goals of truly sustainable food production.


We have partnered up with some strong organisations to achieve our goals together.

Waterschap De Dommel
HAS Hogeschool
Brabantse Milieufederatie
AgriFood Capital
HAS Hogeschool