Den Food Bosch is working together with a few partners on several research topics and co-operations.

AgriFood Capital and the Province of Brabant have provided Den Food Bosch with a funding for the development of this showcase and research food forest. Without this funding the Den Food Bosch wouldn't be what it is today. We are thankful for the trust, support and good relation with our contacts from the AgriFood Capital and the Province of Brabant. This makes innovation possible and fosters the agricultural transition.

"Waterschap (Water board) De Dommel is a partner of Den Food Bosch because we want to contribute to adequate water supply for agriculture and nature but also for the climate goals. A good soil holds water better and longer and contains more organic matter, so that nutrients are better retained and do not drain or rinse. CO2 is also better sequestered in a good soil. The food forest project fits within the innovation agenda of Waterschap De Dommel. In particular, the Waterschap wants to build up and share more knowledge on climate-robust soil-water systems. In addition, the project contributes to the proactive cooperation of the Waterschap with 'new' agricultural entrepreneurs, (interest) associations and educational and research institutions. The Waterschap wants to be proactive towards newcomers in the agricultural sector in order to enable the transition towards sustainable agriculture."
- Ineke Barten, Waterschap De Dommel

"The lectorate aims at developing knowledge on business models for nature and landscapes and to combine these with the practice. It contributes to research into new, complementary combinations of agriculture and nature and to upscale existing concepts. The link between ecology and economy is sought. A good example of such a connection is Den Food Bosch, where there is still a lot to be discovered, especially in the financial field."
- Erwin van Woudenberg, Lector Innovatief Ondernemen met Natuur

Unfortunately, the lectureship was discontinued on Jan. 1, 2023. For this reason, Den Food Bosch together with HAS is searching for a solid alternative in order to continue to include this research field in data collection.