Points of interest

At Den Food Bosch practical research is being done on several topics. The food forest itself is a place of diversity and endless combinations of species, specific site characteristics, microclimate and more. Many elements of the food forest are being observed, discussed and researched at Den Food Bosch, in cooperation with the HAS University of Applied Sciences Den Bosch, Waterschap de Dommel. Below, the main points of interest are presented:

  • Biodiversity of agroecological farming systems
  • Soil quality and composition (e.g. soil organic matter, available nutrients, texture)
  • Water quality, water holding capacity and plant available water
  • Plant growth and health, also put into relation to apllied management strategies
  • New species combinations and varieties for improved production and systems health
  • Research on new management techniques for diverse multilayered farming systems
  • Business model and market development


Like to join?

If you like to join our research, please get in touch! On this page, interesting research papers, theses and more, are collected.